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Feels Like Plastic, Tastes Like Corn*

*the title is in reference to the corn-based compostable cups, not at all to the food.

shaded and delightful!

Picking up where we left off: after we dined at LuLu B’s, Cooter and I, Sharmonica, were enticed by Hola Aloha! The list of flavors is mesmerizing, and what really bowled me over, 7-10 split style, was that all are homemade made fresh with actual fresh fruits, organic juices and sweetened with agave nectar.  Tweet the deets, people, you can taste the difference.

You know how there are some people who swear by organic everything and you’re like, “Shut the fuck up you pretentious douchebag, you’re only blathering on about this to make yourself feel better about having owned a big yellow Hummer for like three years, tanning yourself orange, wearing a lot of Axe and making a carbon footprint the size of Nebraska and now you’re driving a Prius and wearing bamboo clothing and acting like you invented the concept of composting.” but then you taste the difference between organic produce and regular, and you’re like, “Holy shit!  That pretentious asshole was right!”  I, for instance, will only buy organic grapes from now on because, guess what?  THEY TASTE LIKE GRAPES. Yeah, the H.E.B. grapes are a lot cheaper, and it pains me to pay out the wazoo for a damn grape, but it’s worth it because I don’t like eating crap.

With all that in mind, imagine a plain shave ice.  Now, think of the most attractive person you can fathom.  If they were a flavor, what would they taste like?  (Don’t be gross here, I’m asking you to expand your mind people, and if you tell me “hot dog flavored water” I’m going to knock you upside your head.)  Now, concentrate the deliciousness of your attractive person into a syrup and drizzle it over your shave ice.  *Poof!* You’ve got Hola Aloha! Simple as that.  I enjoyed the Ginger-Lime & Black Currant, and next time I shall try Mango-Pineapple & Basil and drizzle it with fresh coconut cream, cuz that’s how I roll.  Cooterella got himself an Aloha Soda which is Topo Chico water with Hola Aloha! flavoring added, and it was refreshing and tasted like real strawberries because that’s what it’s made from.

and this is the small!

This is a wonderful way to follow up a sandwich from LuLu B’s.  The flavor menu rotates daily, and this is a wonderful opportunity to try something new and exciting that doesn’t involve a needle, a bungee cord, or a trip to Forbidden Fruit.