Beginner’s Luck

This being our first official review, I feel like there should be a little more pomp and circumstance but I’m not sure what to say except that I hope this pitiful initial attempt doesn’t dissuade you from reading in the future. Anyway, let’s get on with it.

For our inaugural outing, Sharmonica, Coot and I (see About Trailer Nosh to learn more) went to Odd Duck Farm to Trailer and Gourdough’s on South Lamar. As we ambled up to the trailers, I was more than a little concerned about eating hot food under the sweltering Texas sun but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Odd Duck, Gourdough’s, and Brevita have several picnic tables and umbrellas ready to shade you. There are also restrooms available – something you don’t often see at trailer joints.

We started our feeding frenzy at the amazing Odd Duck. It was, well, nothing short of spectacular. The menu changes daily to reflect what local farmers have produced.

Sharmonica ordered:

  • Soft boiled duck egg with goat cheese grits, mushrooms, grilled squash, and peppered bacon
  • Zucchini bread with duck liver served with a peach and braised duck leg salad

Coot ordered:

  • Heirloom tomato salad with grilled watermelon and goat ricotta
  • Pork belly slider with tomato and arugula

I (Franzia) ordered:

  • Half a quail with marinated grilled eggplant
  • Grilled toast with feta, sweet corn, and beets

Holy yum! You didn’t expect that kind of food from a trailer, did you? No, we didn’t either. In fact, we left feeling like Odd Duck has maybe set the bar too high for trailer food. We might as well stop blogging now because no other trailer could possibly live up to the excellence that we found at Odd Duck. The prices were reasonable, with all menu items under six bucks.

Yeah, we didn’t like the food at all.

Next we tried Gourdough’s for the most unique doughnuts I’ve ever had. The menu is filled with gems like the “Mother Clucker” – a doughnut stuffed with fried chicken and honey.

Sharmonica ordered:

  • Son of a Peach – topped with peach filling, cinnamon, sugar, and cake mix

Coot ordered:

  • The Dirty Berry – fudge icing and grilled strawberries

I (Franzia) ordered:

  • The Funky Monkey – cream cheese frosting, brown sugar, and grilled bananas

These doughnuts were a little pricey – ranging from about $3.25 to $4.25 each – but if my memory serves me, there were several references to sexual pleasure during the demolition (and that’s what it was) of these buttery treats. Coot was nearly lulled into a full-on sugar coma, claiming, “this was not good because now I have to go home and clean. I don’t want to go home and clean. Coot wants to crawl in bed.”

All in all, we agreed that everything was so thoughtfully prepared. It showed real culinary expertise — and you don’t expect that from a trailer. Well, now we do and we’ll probably all be pissed next time we try to review a hot dog stand.

My recommendation: check out both trailers, along with drive-thru coffee stand Brevita at 1219 South Lamar in Austin!

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