Chrysanthemum iced tea! Who knew?!

lulu b*s

There’s a saying: third time’s the charm.  You know why it’s a saying?  Because nine times out of ten, the third times the charm, which means this charmingness happens, what…three goes into nine three times…okay, so I guess three times out of ten it’ll work out.  Franzia and I have tried to go to LuLu B’s on two separate occasions and been dismayed to find it closed.  Once was our fault, as the sign clearly said “CLOSED SUNDAY & MONDAY” but the second time we tried we were well within the confines of the time schedule, and so that pissed us off a little.

of course, they could have just run out of food...

Today, though, third time for us (second time for the Cootster) we were rewarded with good-sized, fresh, filling Banh Mi Thit – Vietnamese style sandwiches made fresh from lemongrass chicken or pork, Chinese barbeque chicken or pork, or the vegetarian options of avocado or lemongrass tofu.  For this blog post, we each had a carnivorous delight, with the intent of going back again to sample the vegetarian options, the Summer Rolls (which sound utterly delightful) or maybe one of the many styles of vermicelli bowls.Chinese BBQ Pork sandwich

Being the deep thinker that I am, I neglected to register the word “chili” in the ingredient list, and my first bite was more than my tender Yankee tongue enjoyed, although for a more seasoned palate, I’m sure it would be a walk in the park.  The veggies are crisp and refreshing, and the meat was cooked deliciously.  I think it’s interesting that a Vietnamese sandwich is served on a French baguette, but I’m not one to split hairs if it tastes FRIGGING WONDERFUL, right?

Complaints and Concerns: Erratic hours make me less apt to frequent you if I can’t be sure you’re going to be open when you say you’ll be open.  My suggestion is to be more consistent, because you’re food is good and people should go eat it, but they can’t if you’re closed.  Also: the flies were a menace, and one reason may be the proximity of the trash cans to the eating area.  Suggestion: move ’em.

Congrats and Adulations: Great shade!  Bitchin’ food at a reasonable price!  Chrysanthemum iced tea!  I’m looking forward to going back to try something else…and visit Hola Aloha!, which shall be reviewed in an upcoming post.

Quote of the day: “I wish Barack Obama would stop texting me.” — Franzia

Location: Lamar & Oltorf, to the right of the Office Depot



Call in an order!: 512-921-4828

smell you later,



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